Model : WLS-02

Cable Floar Switch / Liquid level sensor Model: WLS-02

It is a unique cable-suspended liquid level sensors offering convenience and reliability for a wide range of pump control and alarm applications. Usable for most of the low viscosity liquids.

Simple construction, reIiable performance. The product can output stable and reliable switch control signal of "Making" & "Breaking” without any fault action, so its reliability is very high and anti-interference is strong.

Sturdy and durable, needs no maintainance. The float is hermetically sealed by double chamber and its unique moulding process. 

Switch differential is set with the help of the counter weight that can be adjusted along the cable of the float switch.


Technical Features:

  1. Switching Element ------------------------------- Micro Switch.
  2. Rated Voltage ------------------------------------- 250 V AC
  3. Rated Current ------------------------------------- 10A at 230 V AC
  4. Pressure Rating -----------------------------------  2 Bar
  5. Heat Rating ----------------------------------------- 70 °C
  6. Float Materail --------------------------------------  Polypropylene (PP)
  7. Cable Insulation ------------------------------------ PVC

Cable Float Switch / Liquid Level Sensor

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