Electronic Design Services (EDS)

We at SuperSync Technologies Pvt. Ltd. extend our serviecs for Electronic Desiging and development at all levels, right from conceptualisation of Idea, to Circuit Designing than fabrication of PCBs to software development and than production at large volume.

We have team of expert engineers in our product developmenet and R&D division and complete infrastructure for production at large volume with state of art quality testing division.


With over 15 years of experience in industry we hold expertise in following feilds:

  1. PCB Desiging.
  2. PCB Fabrication.
  3. Micro-controller based product designing.
  4. Logical circuit development.
  5. Audio processing equipments and software.
  6. Embedded software development.
  7. Desiging and development of product and production technology with optional facility of technology transfer.
  8. Analog circuit development.
  9. Digital Circuit development.
  10. Development of RF and Wireless solutions.
  11. Developmenet of Customized Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).
  12. Stepper and Servo Motor control circuits.
  13. Real Time Clock Timers.
  14. GSM Applications.
  15. GPS Applications.

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Product Development Process

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