SUPER SYNC TECHNOLOGIES is authorized System Integrator of Unitronic products for Rajasthan and North India reagion.

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Benefits of Unitronics PLC over other brands:

1. Only PLC in market with PLC and HMI/MMI in one single unit. We call it OPLC i.e. Operators Panel + PLC.

2. One software for programming both PLC and HMI.

3. Free software packege with programming software and 5 other support software. All for free. No charges.

4. Info Mode: Programmer or user can check status of all memory coils, memory integers, outputs, inputs, timers etc without computer through this mode     on PLC.

5. SD Card Utility: Multiple applications/operation like Data logging, program clonning, receipe management etc can be performed using SD card.

6. Facility of Data Tables: Easy data storage, management and recipe handling. These data tables can be stored on SD cards or on board memory.

7.  Alarms and Alarm History.

8. Easy interfacing with GSM. Send & Receive SMS for any operation. Separte programming module for interfacing GSM Module.

9. High Speed PTO outputs for servo and stepper interfacing. Dedicated motion control block with 200KHz PTO Output.

10. Extremly easy and precise load cell interface programming module viz. IO-LC1 & IO-LC3. No transducer/amplifier required. Directly connect load cell       and achieve 24 Bit resolution and 12.5mS scan time (independent of PLC scan time).

11. Serial Comminication Options:

     (a). Serial Communication / ASCII

     (b). Ethernet via TCP/IP

     (c). Modbus

     (d). CANBUS: CAN open & UniCAN

     (e). Remote Access / PC Access over GSM/CDMA, GPRS, Radio Modem & Ethernet.

     (f). OPC & DDE, UniDDE Server for connectivity option to 3rd party or any other windows based application.

     Easy programming modules for all communication protocols.

12. Direct Serial Printing facility.

13. Integrated PID function block with Auto-Tunning upto 24 independent Loops.

14. Full RTC support with Time / calander based controls in just 3 clicks.

15. All OPLCs come with high speed counter with encoder input and also a high speed output / PWM.

16. Wide range of expansion modules available for handling Digital I/O's, Analog I/O's, dedicated load cell and temperature mesurment modules.

17. Colour HMIs upto 65,536 Colours and 16 bit resolution, very bright and high contrast LCD. 

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