Model : RTC

Street Light Timer Model : RTC

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E-Catalog:                                        Street Light Timer Model: RTC
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Operating Manual: Steet Light Timer Model: RTC
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APPLICATIONS: Street Lights, Security Lights, Glow Sign Boards, Industrail equipments: Automatically switching on/off load at preset time. This avoids wastage of power by keeping load off during unwanted period.

CYCLIC SWITCHING ON/OFF OF AIR HANDLING UNIT/BLOWERS/PUMPS: Automatically switching on blowers, air handling units and pumps etc. at set intervals and switching off after user desired interval. This will relieve a person who has to make sure switching on/off cycle.

PRE OPERATION PREPAREDNESS OF INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENTS: This timer can be used to put on any industrial device at pre-set time, to make the system ready for operation before operator attends it. Example- preheating of ovens, furnaces. Switching on boilers / air compressors so that steam / air pressure is at required level before workers arrival. Switching Air conditioners and other electrical equipment. 

Special features: 

  1. Total Schedules: The user can program total of 60 schedules in 24 Hours.( 30 ON and 30 OFF) On Order we can manufacture with 99 ON & 99 OFF schedules.
  2. Display: Simultaneous display of current time, Calendar, On and Off time.
  3. Programming: Very easy, menu driven user programmable features.
  4. Manual/Emergency mode: Single key press manual switching in case of emergency.
  5. No battery backup required: No external battery required to maintain time and calendar.
  6. Input power supply: AC 220V Single Phase 
  7. Output: 220V Single Phase 50Hz AC Load Capacity: 01 KW.
  8. Heavy loads: By adding external contactor or Relay load capacity can be increased to desired Levels like 10 A, 16 A, 25 A, 40 A, 100 A and so on.Send Product Inquiry..!!