Model : WLC-DR & WLC-SR

Water Level Controller Model : WLC-DR & WLC-SR

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E-Catalog:                      Water Level Controller Model : WLC-DR & WLC-SR
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Installation Video:

Video of Sensor Installation: Water Level Controller WLC-DR & WLC-SR
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Application: Automats filling of over head water tank. Can be installed at Home, Offices, Shops, Industries, Colleges, Schools, Hospitals, every building with overhead tank.


System comes for:

1. Single Phase Domestic Mono Block pumps - Model : WLC-SR.

2. Three Phase Domestic Mono Block pumps - Model : WLC-SR with external contactor / relay.

3. Submercible / Borewell pumps - Model : WLC-DR.


Working: System comes with a sensor that monitors two level of water. The upper level and lower level. User can adjust the level by adjusting the length of cable between weight and float. System switches ON the pumping motor as and when water level in the tank falls below the lower level. Water level will starts rising in the tank. As water reaches the upper level set by user, motor will switch off.

Monitoring Underground water level to protect motor from dry running: System is provided with the provision of monitoring the lower level of tank from where water is being pumped to fill over head tank. As and when water level in underground tank drops below lower level set by user, motor is switched off to avoid the dry running of motor.       

Sensors: As shown in picture, sensors are the high grade plastic molded rolling ball float sensors. When sensor is in upright position, ball rolls down to indicate water filled till upper level of the tank. Similarly when sensor is in upside down position, ball rolls to other end giving indication that water level is dropped below lower limit in tank. 

Manual mode: User can switch on motor any time by putting the system in manual mode using a switch. This is to water the garden/lawns etc. System will bypass sensors in this mode.

Indications: LED indications for overhead tank Upper & Lower levels. Underground tank lower level Power rating: Input- 220V AC mains,

Output:  220V AC mains with 10 Amp relay contact for direct connection.

Heavy loads: By adding external contactor or Relay load capacity can be increased to desired Levels like 10 A, 16 A, 25 A, 40 A, 100 A and so on.

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